About Us

Traveling is our inseparable friend. We have always been traveling, be it high-end city tours, discovering new cultures or just backpack trips. Going on traveling adventures is a part of who we are. However, on each trip we faced difficulties. It always seemed like we didn’t have enough space for everything, be it a simple backpack trip or a trip where we would roll out the big suitcases.

Somehow, we’d always end up with a wrestling match to close our bags, then struggle with transferring them and when it came to finding something in them – well, it was a nightmare. No matter what we did, these issues lurked in the shadow of our inseparable friend. One day, as we were waiting at the airport for our delayed flight, we took a good look at the other people, rolling around with their luggage. And we noticed something, they all had the same issues as we did! They struggled just as hard as we did, with the same problems as we did. So, we decided we had enough and started coming up with solutions to all the traveling hardships a traveler can have. And so, the foundation upon which Volar Bags was born, was set in stone.

We believe that traveling shouldn’t be stressful at all. For anyone. Be it a short business trip, a journey of discovering the world or a vacation, you shouldn’t go through this maddening process. And as we were looking into these issues closely, we saw that they had the same roots. No matter how much you pack, no matter how tidily you fold your clothes eventually everything will get messy when you start looking for something. And eventually, you will look for all the things that you packed because they are the essentials for your trip. But, things would be much simpler if you could organize your belongings into separate sections inside your suitcase. Furthermore, if those sections could somehow make your clothes compressed, then you could also save some space. As we dwelled on these conclusions, we started working on creating these products. And so, Volar Bags was born.

Traveling should always be a joy for you, no matter the purpose of your journey. You shouldn’t stress out because you need to start packing soon. That’s why we started Volar Bags. Because traveling can be easy and stress-free. Say no more to wrestling matches with your suitcases, and never knowing where the things you packed are. We put special care into each product that we created to make sure you will never have to go through the same troubles we did. And in that process, we made traveling easy – for you and ourselves!